We know what it means to serve on the front lines in austere environments. We bring forth our experiences in everything we do. As we like to say, "From the Line, to the Line."


Comprehensive Annual NFPA & WFI Medical Evaluations

Medical Evaluations that meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program Standard 1582 as well as the IAFC/IAFF Wellness Fitness Initiative 3rd Edition are conveniently conducted at the department’s designated site. The Front Line team deploys with all equipment and medical personnel. Stations are set up for medical history, physical examinations, laboratory testing, vision, hearing, lung function, x-rays, ECG, stress testing, cancer screening (as needed), immunizations and infectious disease screening. We are also the first to offer comprehensive Behavioral Health testing and screening as part of all our evaluations. We are the tip of the spear. We are contributors to the upcoming release of the IAFC’s “A Fire Department’s Guide to Implementing NFPA 1582.” We are also helping the Texas State Legislature write new laws that dictate the amount of impairment a Firefighter receives when they are diagnosed with cancer. We DO NOT provide services to any other entity. Not Police, truck drivers, teachers, or any other occupation. We believe that the Fire Service is complex enough that members and candidates deserve our undivided attention and should not have to compete for a medical provider’s time at an occupational health clinic. We are committed to being the only choice for Fire Service medical evaluations in Central Texas. We do not play second fiddle to anyone, neither should you!

New-Hire Physicals

Physical exams for prospective Fire Service personnel require more extensive testing and lab work than annual exams. Front Line provides these physicals for Candidates that meet NFPA standards at Front Line’s corporate office in Georgetown. For processing a large number of candidates, new-hire physicals can be conducted at an alternate site. It is our responsibility to protect the department from potential medical liabilities when evaluating candidates. It is then our responsibility to protect the member from the occupational hazards associated with the Fire Service. This protects the member from future exposures and protects the department from needless claims. Our Firefighter Candidate medical evaluation incorporates all of NFPA 1582 as well as further testing and documentation that integrates our extensive aviation and Workman’s Compensation experience.

Behavioral Health Workshops

Fire service personnel are often inadequately supported in their struggle to cope with job-related stress, personal trauma and grief. PTSD, depression, anxiety and even suicide are just a few of the devastating issues plaguing Fire Service personnel due to the emotional stress of the job. Front Line offers on-site workshops to help members process the emotional trauma of the job. The workshop is presented by Front Line’s psychologist, licensed counselors and medical professionals. We rely heavily on our military experience over the last 15 years and the lessons learned in treating our nation’s Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. Many parallels exist between the military service and the Fire Service. We use this to your advantage. We are also the first company to offer ALL of the recommended behavioral health testing and screening on line as part of our services. We view it as our responsibility to help members stay on the truck, not have them lose their life, family or job because of a Behavioral Health need. We arm, educate and provide treatment as needed.

Doctor On-Call Service

We realize that the reality of a Fire Department actually having a full time Department Physician is highly cost restrictive. However, the function of the department physician is none the less important and extremely useful. Between annual physicals, medical questions often arise – from minor issues to injuries. The Front Line Mobile Health medical team can act as your department’s physician. Early identification and documentation of injuries as well as direct communication between the medical team and department leadership helps members get care faster and assists the leadership with decision making.


Flu shots, Hepatitis, Tetanus, MMR and other immunizations are conveniently provided at the fire department’s site. Immunization and booster timing is tracked digitally through our web portal so you never have to worry about missing a shot.